A Sales Guy Blog is sales from the perspective of a guy who’s been doing it for a long time.

At the end of the day everything is sales, from getting your spouse to marry you, to finding a job or getting your kids to eat their broccoli. So YES, read my blog and you’ll marry up, get a better job and have healthier kids.

I’m founder and partner of A Sales Guy Consulting. A Sales Guy Consulting helps companies grow sales. We are a fun, straight forward consulting company that relishes the challenge of taking companies from point A to point B in as little time as possible.  We get it.  It’s no fun when you’re not making your numbers.

I was also founder and CEO of . It failed. It was an awesome effort. For those of you cre8buzzers who are following me here . . . THANKS! I learned a lot from the buzz.

I love start-ups. I admire the people who start companies. They are fearless and they are gutsy. It’s a constant learning experience. I hope to attract entrepreneurs here. They are smart, energetic and have great perspectives.

I am a dad. I have three beautiful girls, Kenna Elle and Ava and a killer wife, Big E. I love being a dad and a family guy. It’s like being in a start up. You’re constantly learning, things never seem to go as planned, it’s hard, and there is never enough time to do everything you need to. But, like a start up, it’s the most rewarding thing in the world.

I’m also a PSIA Level 2 Certified Ski Instructor for Vail Resorts. It’s the closest thing to being a professional ski bum. There is no better Mnt. than Vail. Bumps, pow-pow and a gorgeous setting make skiing the best thing in the world. If you are in Vail and taking a lesson, ask for me.  We’ll tear it up.

Can I retire yet . . . ?

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  • Brooksy6025

    Nice turns…especially for a guy from Ohio

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  • Kinnon

    As a regular reader now of your blog,  I have one request:  please proof read or have someone else proof read your writings prior to posting so mistakes like this in today’s blog will not occur:

    Questioning our prospects decisions when they don’t buy form us is our way of not talking ownership. 

  • Keenan

    Thanks Kinnon,

    Change made.

    Thanks for being a member of this community as well.

  • Peter

    Hi Kinnon,

    I read your criticism of Keenan’s typing with mild amusment.  Have you considered proofreading your own comments?  You might want to consider it becuase ‘Proofreading’ is a one-word verb.

    Inaddition, your introductory phrase is grammatically incorrect due to the positioning of the word ‘now”.  It would be grammatically correct and far more readable if composed thus: ”As I’m now a regular reader of your blog…”

    Apart from putting two spaces after a comma instead of the required one space AND failing to use quotation marks when quoting Keenon, you did OK.  Perhaps not quite as well as he regularly does though.

    As for me, I’m perfectly content to forgive a slight typo and read Keenan’s excellent (and very real) words. 


  • Pete

    Did you spot the typo Kinnon?  Check the 2nd line ;)

  • Pedro_H

    Don’t worry, there’s more for you to find Kinnon.  Chuckle.

  • Todd

    Hey Kinnon get a life you dbag! Why dont spent less time preaching and more time practing…BTW after reading your dumb ass comment its not “buy form us: you dipshit! Iys “Buy from us”!

  • Todd

    Notice the grammtical errors? I was hoping someone like Kinnon would point them out to me…. Keenan keep up the great work and dont worry about the losers that have nothing better to do than proof read your posts….Todd

  • Todd

    Hey Peter, you and Kinnon should get together. You are are both tools.why bother reading blogs? , Why dont you take you alleged talents to the less fortunate.. Neither of you have anything to contribute to the “sales profession”… Todd

  • Jody

    Keenan – Keep up the good work! Excellent posts.

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