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March 30, 2013 Keenan

The Indicators of Success – How Many Do You Have?

I saw this the other day and I thought it was great.  I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t ask myself, as I was reading it, which of these indicators I possessed and which I didn’t.  I had to account for how many I had on the left and how many on the right.

Being as honest as I could possible be, I found I had more on the left than the right.  But, I did posses a few from the right as well. I’m kinda of glad that I did, because If I didn’t it would mean I didn’t have any work to do and that would be bullshit.  I watch too much TV. I’m holding one particular grudge right now and I know it. I’m struggling to let it go. I also find myself to be too critical at times.  I don’t keep lists like I should and I don’t journal.

This is my work. It was good to be reminded.


What about you?

Where do you honestly fall, the left or the right? What indicators on the right do you posses?  What indicators on the left do you NOT posses?

The one thing this infographic doesn’t list is self-reflection and honesty with self.  In order to be successful we have to be honest with ourselves. We have to reflect on our behaviors, our habits and our choices and ask, do they exhibit the above. Without honesty and self-reflection the above infographic becomes a hollow tool reinforcing our false sense of self.

How do you interpret YOU in this? Your success depends on it.

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  • Jim. Thanks for sharing this The infographic is a great reminder of where we spend our time. It also reminds people of their mindset as well. It is all too easy to blame other people and also surround yourself with negative people.
    As you quite rightly point out, it is also about self-reflection and being true to yourself. It is about taking a look at yourself in the mirror and asking yourself “are you being the best that you can be?” Often the answers to improve ourselves are closer than we think.

  • Well said Pete.

    Honest self reflection is hard, even with the best intentions. But it all starts there. Get that part correct and things start moving.